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Optometrist Needed

1-10 Years

Dr Agarwals eye Hospital Ltd - Yelahanka, Karnataka
Checking of refractive power by Auto Refractometer.
Checking the intraocular pressure by Tonometer.
Taking Patient History.
Checking Subjective Refraction and Retinoscopy.
Checking color blindness.
Checking EOM (Extra Ocular Movements and Pupil Reaction)
Contact Lens fitting and dispensing.
Cataract Investigation:
A - Scan, B - Scan, IOL Master, Keratometry, Syringing and Specular Microscopy.

Glaucoma Investigation:
Autoperimetry, OCT

Orthoptics Investigation:
Squint Workup, Synaptophore, Hess-Charting, Diplopia Charting and Retinoscopy.

Posterior Segment Evaluation:
Fundus Fluorecin Angiography, Posterior Optical Coherence Tomography, B – Scan, Pachymetry.

Cornea Evaluation:
Zyoptix Workup, Aberropia Workup, Orbscan, Aberrometry and Anterior Segment OCT, Contrast Sensitivity, W4DT (Worth 4 Dot Test), Schirmer test for Dry Eye.

Handing over the case sheets to next department.
Job Type: Full-time

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Optometry: 1 year

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